Carnival Procession

Lakeside promenade

from 03/03/2019

to 03/03/2019

Carnival parade from Bledec to Lakeside promenade.

Opening of the summer season and 7th meeting of accordionists


from 17/05/2019

to 19/05/2019

The Lakeside promenade will host opening of the summer season in Bled with Taste Bled offer.

13th medieval days at the Bled castle


from 01/06/2019

to 02/06/2019

The festival celebrates the history of the Bled Castle, engaging more than 20 medieval, music and dance groups from different European countries. You’ll enjoy an authentic medieval atmosphere!

13th 10k Night Run


from 29/06/2019

to 29/06/2019

10-km night run around Lake Bled

24th international music festival Bled


from 30/06/2019

to 14/07/2019

A festival that is focusedon classical music, but boldly opens the door to other musical genres. The international Bled Music Festival is one of the artistic and cultural highlights of the year in Bled.


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