Manzanares Events

II Feria para el impulso profesional, empresarial y el asociacionismo

Manzanares El Real

from 06/04/2019

to 06/04/2019

An event in which businesses, companies, professionals, entrepreneurs and associations of the municipality may exhibit and promote their works, products and services to neighbors and visitors.
The form of exhibition is free and open to the creativity of companies.

Manzajoven: Festival para la infancia y la juventud.

Manzanares El Real

from 15/04/2019

to 19/04/2019

It is a festival rich in activities and games, especially designed for children and young people, which they can enjoy handicrafts workshops, a lot of sports activities, table games, Play Station with different video games and a dance zone.

Feria medieval

Manzanares El Real

from 01/06/2019

to 02/06/2019

It is the appointment of Manzanares El Real with its medieval past. In this occasion they commemorate one of the singularities of that time, in this Encomienda de la Orden de Calatrava: the election of Medieval Mayors, one in representation of the pecheros and another of the hidalgos.
In addition, the Town Council of Manzanares develops a complete programme of activities to promote the town and to stimulate the participation of all the social sectors and local cultural associations.



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